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Not your ordinary sunglasses

March 1, 2010

Sunglasses from Savannah, Georgia will be an exciting contribution to the music scene this year. What is interesting is that this collaboration between Samuel Cooper and Brady Keehn started through a film production. Their sound is fresh and a good example of “out of this world” music, but is incredibly difficult to describe. The crossovers and style are not something I have heard much before but are something to appreciate as music should keep expanding and explore new areas.

One thing for certain is that you can hear the hip hop influences, and I am not normally a fan of that genre. It is just that I have not found any satisfying music that is strictly hip hop related. However, this duo is offering an amazing crossover combining the unique aspects of both Hip Hop and Psychedelic music. The music isn’t constantly the same loop, and the melody progresses playfully which I fail to hear with Hip Hop. The beats are incredible and makes you want to move unconditionally even if you aren’t usually into spontaneous dancing patterns.

It is very pleasing to hear these styles and references come together so uniquely. This helps make them one of the most anticipating duo to look out for this year. I am certainly looking forward to the inevitable debut, but so far there is no news of such release. In the meantime before we unravel the mysterious future of these geniuses, lend your ears to these tunes!

Sunglasses – Referee