A lil bit of Twee love for the day

indie band 2

As I was going through the mp3s of cloudberryrecords releases today I stumbled upon this nice indiepop band called Very Truly Yours based in Chicago, Illinoise.  According to indiemp3ukblog the band members appear in bands Fireflies, Tiny Microphone, The Starlette Canvas and The Lorimer Sound.

Was a bit vague most of the info I found about the band. Like this description on their myspace page said the following:

One day a girl found a message in a bottle. The message was from a person she’d never met in a place she’d never been. Every day, the girl would read the message and every night she would write a song. She would imagine all the things the person would do, the things they would see and the sounds they would hear. This went on for some time until one day the little girl took all of the songs and put them in a bottle. She went down to the ocean where she found the message and wrote a letter telling the person about all the songs she’d written about them. She signed the letter “Very Truly Yours” and threw the bottle into the ocean, hoping it might one day it might reach that place she’d never been and find the person she’d never met.

However that doesn’t matter since it is a interesting story to tell.

I would describe this music as sweet indie pop with a lot of twee references. Keep im mind I am no master with my understanding of genres, however I would say with confidence that their song Popsong 91 is as twee as you can get. The other songs sound less twee like and more standard comtemporary indie pop. Either ways this bands makes some nice songs despite being twee or not.

Very Truly Yours – To See You Here

Very Truly Yours – Pop Song 91



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