Great folk music from ye ol danish Faroe Islands

klak tik

Klak Tik comes from the Faroe Islands which is quite a unique place. The Faero Islands are an island group located between Scotland and Iceland. Even to this day it’s still part of the Kingdom of Denmark. People might be familiar with the folk artist Teitur who comes from the same country.

Heres some information about this project on myspace:

Speak Klak Tik”, the rain said, and I understood. With that statement it all began, Søren Bonke locked himself away deep inside Pandangle House using his new found inspiration to fill the air with the seeds of music he hoped would blossom… and they did. An organic, acoustic, multi layered sound of voices, guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, violins, trumpets and whatever else he could find thrived around him. But he knew he wanted to experience this creation with others so he sent forth for kindred spirits to aid him in his vision to nurture this garden of melody. Improvisational roots sprung into strong stems of song. Some simple, some with tender orchestral arrangements, some in three measure time, some awash with vivid lyrical imagery, but all come from the same true rich musical soil. And this soil is given life as the rain speaks Klak Tik.

It was quite a enjoyable coincidence how I got to discover this musical savant from the Faroe Islands (now located in London). He added me on myspace  a while ago and I checked a few songs and ended up very impressed by the song I chose to share with this blog.

Klak Tik – Zeitgeber



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