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A Wisconsin band of amazing delight

August 29, 2009

pale young gentlemen 2

This band is hardly news as they dropped their second album last year, but their talent is hypeworth despite time and place. It is almost unmatched I would say.

I stumbled upon them through a blog some years ago and started listening to Fraulein and was amazed by this unique playful style of theirs. Blending elements from pop, folk and rock accompanied by a beautiful Cello. If there is a band with style I would suggest Pale Young Gentlemen which is the bands name. You can hear noticably differences with the style between their debut and their second record by listening to these songs from both albums. Which showcases a band that manages to mature over time than what most musicians do today. Their second album Black Forest (tra la la) was produced by Beau Sorenson who is credited as a producer for Death Cab For Cutie and Sparklehorse.

Black Forest (tra la la)

Pale Young Gentlemen – The Crook

Pale Young Gentlemen – Kettle Drum (I Left a Note)

Self Titled Debut

Pale Young Gentlemen – Fraulein

Pale Young Gentlemen – Saturday Night

buy their albums here


A lil bit of Twee love for the day

August 29, 2009

indie band 2

As I was going through the mp3s of cloudberryrecords releases today I stumbled upon this nice indiepop band called Very Truly Yours based in Chicago, Illinoise.  According to indiemp3ukblog the band members appear in bands Fireflies, Tiny Microphone, The Starlette Canvas and The Lorimer Sound.

Was a bit vague most of the info I found about the band. Like this description on their myspace page said the following:

One day a girl found a message in a bottle. The message was from a person she’d never met in a place she’d never been. Every day, the girl would read the message and every night she would write a song. She would imagine all the things the person would do, the things they would see and the sounds they would hear. This went on for some time until one day the little girl took all of the songs and put them in a bottle. She went down to the ocean where she found the message and wrote a letter telling the person about all the songs she’d written about them. She signed the letter “Very Truly Yours” and threw the bottle into the ocean, hoping it might one day it might reach that place she’d never been and find the person she’d never met.

However that doesn’t matter since it is a interesting story to tell.

I would describe this music as sweet indie pop with a lot of twee references. Keep im mind I am no master with my understanding of genres, however I would say with confidence that their song Popsong 91 is as twee as you can get. The other songs sound less twee like and more standard comtemporary indie pop. Either ways this bands makes some nice songs despite being twee or not.

Very Truly Yours – To See You Here

Very Truly Yours – Pop Song 91


Great folk music from ye ol danish Faroe Islands

August 27, 2009

klak tik

Klak Tik comes from the Faroe Islands which is quite a unique place. The Faero Islands are an island group located between Scotland and Iceland. Even to this day it’s still part of the Kingdom of Denmark. People might be familiar with the folk artist Teitur who comes from the same country.

Heres some information about this project on myspace:

Speak Klak Tik”, the rain said, and I understood. With that statement it all began, Søren Bonke locked himself away deep inside Pandangle House using his new found inspiration to fill the air with the seeds of music he hoped would blossom… and they did. An organic, acoustic, multi layered sound of voices, guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, violins, trumpets and whatever else he could find thrived around him. But he knew he wanted to experience this creation with others so he sent forth for kindred spirits to aid him in his vision to nurture this garden of melody. Improvisational roots sprung into strong stems of song. Some simple, some with tender orchestral arrangements, some in three measure time, some awash with vivid lyrical imagery, but all come from the same true rich musical soil. And this soil is given life as the rain speaks Klak Tik.

It was quite a enjoyable coincidence how I got to discover this musical savant from the Faroe Islands (now located in London). He added me on myspace  a while ago and I checked a few songs and ended up very impressed by the song I chose to share with this blog.

Klak Tik – Zeitgeber


Beautiful Shoegazsmic music with sea shores!

August 26, 2009

cool band

Candy Claws is a duo from Fort Collins, Colorado. They spent their first two years as a band writing and recording their first album. Which in their words was their “musical companion” to Rachel Carson’s book called “The Sea Around Us”. They describe Carson’s book as a non fiction scientific book “imbued with beauty and mystery, written in such elegant prose it feels more like poetry, a hymn to the sea”.  A hymn to the sea is quite a fitting expression to use here too since the album contains recorded sounds from different shores around in the world. From the seas of Italy to the Philippines. The band have acknowledged how this might sound like a gimmick but they feel it added a personal quality since it was recorded at places that were dear to them. It is hard to dismiss the creativity from these two.

They mention the Beach Boys, Starflyer 59, the Lassie Foundation, My Bloody Valentine, Cornelius as their inspiration for their music. When seeing these different inspirations all together you end up understanding the unique style they have come across.

I would describe their music as experimental shoe gazish with psychedelic elements. It’s one of the most original and beautiful music I have heard in a while. Which is just surreal considering the fact that the album was recorded in a bedroom!

You can get the album remastered for 4 euros via digital distribution from the indie irish label “indiecater records”. *edit* Now you can pre/order a hard copy. indiecater

Check out these tracks

Candy Claws – Catamaran

Candy Claws – Snowy Shores

An interesting interpretation of oriental music

August 25, 2009


Taken by Trees is the solo project of Victoria Bergsman from Stockholm, Sweden. You may recognised her as the vocalist of The Concretes, a swedish pop band which she later quit. Her debut album “Open Field” was recorded with the support of Peter Bjorn and John’s John Erikkson, Electrelane’s Verity Sussman and Andreas Söderström (of Ass and Tape).

The next upcoming album which is titled “East of Eden” will be released at roughtrade records on the 9th of September this year. So why do I find this upcoming record extraordinary? Well first id like to say that the record was recorded in Pakistan with local musicians.

If that doesn’t convince you yet you should take a listen to this. I would describe the music here as a unique combination of oriental folk and contemporary indie pop.

Taken By Trees – Watch The Waves

Taken By Trees – To Lose Someone